In my Hidden Kitchens book I read about a woman who ran a take-out service from her home. It eventually turned into a house-restaurant, of sorts, all undercover because she was serving both blacks and whites and this was in the South back in the 50s. She had six children, she weighed about 400 pounds (Dr. Martin Luther King called her Tiny and she called him, as well as everyone else, Heifer), and she turned out tremendous quantities of food to feed the multitudes.

I told this to my Girlfriend Shannon and she said, “Yeah, and Sacajawea led the Lewis and Clark Expedition with a baby on her back.”

So why do I have so much trouble making supper and hanging up the laundry?


  • Anonymous

    I heard that Lewis and Clark (and probably poor Sacajaweea) lived on very little besides meat on their expedition. I think you feed your family better than that.

  • You Can Call Me Jane

    Yeah, you’re right. You hardly do anything. I never see you busy when I’m at your house. You just lounge around.

    Silly, girl! Whenever I’m there, you are flying around, doing 7 things at once! I think you are doing just fine. In fact, I think you do great!

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