Hamming Up Luke

Today’s sermon was titled, “The Table For All”, and the scripture was Luke 14:7-24, the parable of the banquet. You know, the one where the rich dude and his lady get stood up by all their friends (“I can not come to the banquet, don’t trouble me now. I have married a wife. I have bought me a cow…” You know the song, right?) and then they got mad and invited all the street people to come and fill the hall instead. Mr. Handsome was the rich dude and I was his lady, but they didn’t call us that in the church bulletin. Our title was “Masters of Ceremony”.

The limousine was parked out front, just a prop, and there was a long table up front, set with formal china, a bouquet of flowers, roses at every place setting, and then platters of bagels, fruit, cookies, etc. After the sermon, the worship leader (who had arranged for everything) came out in his baker’s hat, laid out the food, and then called for everyone to come forward and eat. Mr. Handsome (who was really handsome, despite the fact that his tux coat was too short in the sleeves) and I got up and went to either end of the table. Some of the congregants were dressed as bums and they immediately leaped to their feet and excitedly ran to the table and started scarfing the food. Everyone else came forward. Mr. Handsome and I loaded plates and walked up and down the aisles, offering more food to the guests. Cheerful chaos reigned.

Thus the reason for all the preparations.

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