Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

About a year ago, Mr. Handsome started building a clubhouse/fort/playhouse for the kids. He didn’t get very far. The kids have periodically asked, begged, and pleaded for him to do more work on it, all to no avail. The wooden framework has remained just that, a framework, while Mr. Handsome has busted his tail finishing up our house.

So yesterday the kids took matters into their own hands. They loaded the wood that was in the barn onto the trailer, secured it with rope, and drug the very heavy trailer down to the fort…

where they worked together to lift the boards up onto the beams.

Then they erected some sort of tepee.

Today they have busied themselves nailing the boards down.

Yo-Yo Boy and Miss Becca Boo have had some in-depth discussions about how they want to sleep out there, have their own kitchen, put in electricity for lights, make their own garden; in other words, live out there. When I told them that then I would miss them, they were quick to assure me that they would come visit me. “We’ll just be right here, Mama.”

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