To My Brothers

I’m a bad one for remembering important dates, such as birthdays. And I’m even worse for remembering them and then not doing anything about them.

Last Monday was my Little Brother‘s birthday. I thought about him several times that day, but then never phoned him up (if you’ll recall, we were in the middle of the Californian Company). It was his 25th birthday, too.

Now, today is my Balding Bro‘s birthday. His 30th.

If they lived close by (and starting at the end of this week, my Balding Bro will), I would definitely bake them a cake and invite them over to gobble up the whole thing.

But, because they live far-ish enough away so that I can’t bake them a cake, and because I am bad with cards and phone calls, I’ll dedicate this little post to them instead.

So, here’s to the July Birthday Boys! Happy birthday, my dear Brothers! May you live long, happy, fruitful, productive, fun-filled, beautiful lives! I love you!

-Your Big Sis


  • Kathy ~ Artful Accents

    So I've been reading back over some of your blog posts (because they are so funny and entertaining) and I saw this pic of your brother. I'm making some connections here….did you grow up in WV and go to Pinto Menno Church?? If not, disregard my comment and call me crazy! If so, shoot me an email and we can play the Mennonite game… LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Awe, thanks. Maybe you can bake me a cake next time I come see you. And a cobbler. And a pie. And some red beet salad.

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