the quotidian (1.23.24)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Good morning!

Whey ricotta, transformed.

Easter eggs, year-round.


Not sweet.

Artsy coworkers. (Do you get it?)

photo credit: my younger son

The latest improvement, a bottle filler, makes racking so easy it’s boring.

Storage is now officially An Issue.

Breakfast sausages.

Cold weather rocks.

Day-tripping to the slopes.

New semester.

Chatty time.

Good night.
photo credit: my younger son

This same time, years previous: affinage, a week in cheese, four fun things, pozole, overnight baked oatmeal.


  • katie

    I agree, the labels are sharp looking! Does that mean you settled on a title for all your creative endeavors?

    Also the marbling in that ham is particularly beautiful and eye catching.

    • Jennifer Jo

      I’ve decided to specifically brand only the cheesemaking channel (the name will be revealed soon!), and the LLC is a generic name that most people will never see and that can/will cover a multitude of projects/businesses.

  • ishkabibl

    Maybe the racking is boring because there’s not enough tasting happening? And yes, storage can become an issue. I’ve created a wine bottle rack using old milk crates with dividers made from thin plywood. I made a wedge to tilt the crates so that bottles are not quite horizontal, ensuring that any lees solidify in a single spot on the bottom of the bottle. For unknown reasons, even when the wine is as clear as can be, three years sees an accumulation of at least a little bit of sediment. As it doesn’t seem to have any negative effect, it’s all good. I like your labels too. Very crisp looking.

  • Becky R.

    A lovely post, Jennifer! The weather has improved here, and your post made me smile. Always lots of life going on at the Murch place, enough to make an old lady jealous! LOL Happy January.

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