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It’s the in between holiday week — the low stress, all the good food, sleep in, lose track of time, tackle weird projects, and play-yourself-silly week — so I thought I’d share some of the movies and shows I’ve enjoyed recently. If you’ve got some good ones, please share in the comments!


Last night I finished Maestro, about Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montealegre.

I watched it in two sittings, but I did not want to stop watching it that first night; it felt like a really, really good book that I just didn’t want to put down. The whole way through, I kept marveling at the acting and wondering how in the heck they got the actors to age 50 years so seamlessly: were they actually a series of actors and my eyes were deceiving me? As soon as I finished, I did some research and was stunned, absolutely stunned, to learn that Bradley Cooper played Bernstein! I had no idea!! According to an article I found, it took him upwards of five hours to get ready — some days he was in the makeup chair at 1 am just so he could be ready for a 7 am shoot. 


The Robbie Williams documentary is slow-paced but intense, so my husband and I took our time getting through it.

I didn’t even know who Robbie was until I watched the documentary, but I was impressed by his introspection and vulnerability, a vulnerability which was underscored by the fact that he did the whole documentary from his bed and dressed in his undies. I found the part about his emotional breakdown to be fascinating: his description was the closest thing I’ve found to my own theater breakdown. And yes, I realize it’s preposterous to even compare myself to a performer like Robbie, but still: listening to him talk about the terror and self-doubt, I got it. A person can be hobbled in front of an audience of twenty or an audience of fifty thousand. Brains are weird. 


We finished watching the most recent season of the British Baking show.

It was lovely, as always, and I was particularly smitten by Tasha.


The other night my husband and I watched Trevor Noah’s latest special, “Where Was I.”

Some friends of ours recently got to see him live and they said it was the best — such good fun — but my favorite Noah creation is still this.


And a couple weeks ago, my husband and I were both kinda blue and worn out, and as I opened Netflix I said, “I just wanna see something funny, like 20 minutes of stand-up,” and, wouldn’t you know, this popped up.

We watched the whole thing in one go. Mike Birbiglia has such a gift for spinning a story: he appears to jump from one thought to another, but in the end he pulls it all togethes and ties it with a bow. (My favorite Birbiglia production of all time is this one.)


I gobbled up the most recent (and final) episode of The Crown.


And finally: the second season of High On The Hog is out now.

I watch it in bits and pieces, slowly making my way through. It’s a history lesson told through the lens of food, which makes for the best sort of history lesson, I think.

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  • Katherine

    We recently finished watching Deadloch on an Amazon Prime. It took awhile for it to be good, but it was very good. We’re currently watching The Diplomat on Netflix, which is like a less-good West Wing, but it’s still fun & engaging.

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