good news bad news

How about a game of good news bad news?

First, the bad: A COVID recap, in pictures.

another one bites the dust

the sickly trio


But now for some good: I have energy and an appetite, whoo-hoo!

I totally lost my appetite for the majority of the week I was sick and it was the weirdest thing because I never lose my appetite. Even when I’m nauseated and can’t stand the thought of food, I’m still bothered by the fact that I can’t stand the thought of food, you know? But this time I didn’t even care. Like, zero interest. I’d get raging hungry but the thought of eating was just . . . pfft, why bother? I DID NOT KNOW MYSELF. I’m still not that excited to cook but I’m getting the most glorious hankerings for peanut butter captain crunch, potato chips, coffee, mandarines, chef salads, pizza, wine.

Also good: I went for a walk yesterday — my first walk since COVID — with a girlfriend, and then I went for a run today and only had to stop once to blow my nose!

Aaaaand. . . now we’re back to the bad: Yesterday when I was leaving my friend’s house I backed into her trashcan and busted my taillight.

Which was more funny than upsetting because it was such a silly-stupid mistake and not too much of a problem (for me) since my husband can — and does — fix anything. So I just giggled.

But then last night I dribbled candle wax all over my brand new wireless keyboard (my husband cleaned it up — are we sensing a pattern here?) and then today I dropped the stapler when I was getting it out of the cupboard and smashed my computer screen. 

The break was so startling and tragically definitive that I didn’t even bother to get upset. I just snapped another photo and sent it to my husband.

He called right away. “So does this mean you’re getting a new computer now?”

This is the part that could be interpretted as good news, if you’re feeling desparate (and I am). See, I’ve been planning to get a new laptop (the busted one is from 2017 and and struggles to keep up with my mad video editing skills) so I’ve already done lots of research and pretty much know eactly what sort of fancy machine I want to get, which helps to take some of the stress out of this computer crisis.

FURTHERMORE, I just bought a monitor for video editing which means I can now hook up my busted computer to the monitor and still get stuff done, but — bad news — the new monitor is crap.

However! I figured out the extent of its monitor-y crapiness the same day I bought it and yesterday I ordered a new monitor which will be coming tomorrow. So again, good news.

In conclusion, the stapler is moving to a new location, far far away from any computer screens. The End.

P.S. I discovered that the gas station on the way out of town sells doughnuts and now I can get trashy gas station doughnuts whenever I want, which is very good news indeed.

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