I’ve made these at least three times now.

We keep a box of them in the fridge. They’re wonderful. 

They’re not hard to make, but there are a couple steps that may feel intimidating: one) heating a sugar syrup to 280 degrees, and two) coating the bars with chocolate. Neither is difficult, but attention is required, as well as a smidge of time. 

after adding the baking soda and vanilla: this is called “honeycomb”

But you wanna know the solution to culinary intimidations? JUST DO IT. Make these bars a couple times in the same number of days and all your fears will be vanquished. You, too, will find yourself with a box of homemade chocolates stored in the back of the fridge, always at the ready for a packed-lunch dessert, a mid-Ultimate game pick-me-up, or a surprise little treat for the friend who stops by of a Tuesday afternoon for a walk. 

One more thing, and this is important: they’re better than butterfingers.

Brace yourself.

Adapted from Joshua Weissman.

The original recipe‘s peanut butter filling is pretty dense and intense, so I added a cup of rice krispies for lift. We all agree the cereal improves the candy.

If you don’t want to mess with coating individual bars, just spread a cap of chocolate on top of the peanut butter fill. Though I gotta say, there’s something special about a candy bar that’s fully enrobed in chocolate….

I use these chocolate disks, either the dark or milk chocolate, depending on my mood. Need a scale? Try this one. It’s a workhorse.

415 grams creamy peanut butter
½ teaspoon (scant) salt
210 grams sugar
200 grams corn syrup
60 grams water
4 grams baking soda
4 grams vanilla
1 cup rice krispie cereal, optional
about a pound of milk or dark chocolate wafers, for coating
flaky salt for sprinkling

Measure the sugar, corn syrup, and water into a medium saucepan. Place it over high heat and cook until it reaches 280 degrees.

While the syrup is simmering, measure the peanut butter and salt into a large metal mixing bowl. When the syrup reaches about 240 degrees, place the bowl of peanut butter into a oven set to “warm” to soften.

Measure the baking soda and vanilla into a small bowl and set aside. Measure the rice krispies and set aside. Line a square glass pan with a strip of parchment and set aside.

When the syrup reaches 280 degrees, turn off the heat and stir in the baking soda and vanilla. The mixture will foam vigorously. Immediately pull the peanut butter from the oven and add the cereal and the syrup and stir briskly. The syrup will harden and form ropes as it cools, so don’t dillydally.

Pour the candy into the prepared pan and smooth it out into an even layer. Refrigerate for 3-6 hours, or until set.

Cut the candy into bars, or squares, whatever. Melt the chocolate and dip the bars into it, spooning the chocolate over the top and sides to evenly coat the candy. Remove excess chocolate. Place the bars over chopsticks to drip before transferring to parchment paper. While the tops are still wet, sprinkle them with flaky sea salt. Allow the bars to air dry and, once the candy is firmly set, trim off the excess chocolate with a paring knife. 

Store candy bars in the refrigerator. They’ll last as long as they last.

*most of these photos were taken by my younger son.

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  • Kbs

    They look and sound divine! But, here’s the thing: your “smidge of time” is my “arduous truckload of time”. I just know it. And here’s a question: “trim off the excess chocolate”…and then what? Feed it to the pigs? Or, eat it, as well as three bars? Kbs

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