the quotidian (11.20.23)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


When a friend learned I’d never had kimchi, he brought me some. (I’m sold.)

I find this cake so deeply satisfying that it feels almost primal.

Herbed yogurt cheese: restaurant containers for the win!

A mini cheese cave in the living room: my glee knows no bounds.

Racking the rhubarb red raspberry.

How about a spiced cranberry mead?

Used bottles: mead-making is fast becoming an obsession.

A pattern emerges: cheese, mead, and . . . weed?

Impatient baker hack.

Minutes after getting a text from my cousin asking for the boy’s wingspan (6’9″).

Small group and a power outage.

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  • zenriddler51gmailcom

    Jennifer, for goodness sake’s, don’t advertise you are contemplating growing weed! Someone will come to your house and try to steal it/harass you/rob you. Seriously. People who grow weed should never advertise they are doing it. It’s a cash crop, even in small amounts. How long do you age your mead? Seems that you have plenty to age with all the mead you have been making. I would like a mead report sometime. Your hair is getting really long; looks great.

    • Jennifer Jo

      1. I’m not growing it — just learning — but lots of friends are and they’ve yet to report any problems that I’m aware of. (In Virginia, it’s legal to grow limited amounts yourself.)
      2. So far, my oldest mead is five months. I plan to do more mead reports…eventually! It’s a slow process.
      3. The hair: thank you!

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