the quotidian (10.23.23)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Eggs to quiche.


The key to a good broth.

Before it goes blue.

His birthday gift to me but it was actually for him (he said so himself).

Sauce and broth.

What is it with my kids and their passion for motorcycles?

A new set of oinkers!

Introducing The Cow Who Refuses To Give Birth.

High Knob.

In his dog’s eyes: a self portrait.

October light: it’s a whole Thing.

This same time, years previous: vote!, the soirée of 2019, the quotidian (10.22.18), the quotidian (10.23.17), impressing us, winter squash soup with corn relish, field work, the reading week, breaking news, a silly supper.


  • Elva

    My dogs LOVE chicken and turkey feet. I always raise 100 meat chickens each year, and I feed them the frozen chicken feet (minus the claws) for a treat. Some friends raise turkeys, and they kindly give me the turkey feet, which I reserve for my Maremma livestock guardian dog. I only have one or two customers that request feet for broth.

  • Lauralli

    I have 3 sons who, from the time they were very young, often got excited when seeing motorcycles, pointing them out to me. I matched their enthusiasm with a remark back to them. Then, totally changing my tone, I would say “They are very dangerous”. Seems to have worked so far! 🙂 They are all adults and I don’t believe they’ve ever even ridden one.

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