the quotidian (9.18.23)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

When work and leisure match.

My go-to, always and forever.

When three free containers of expired burrata land in your lap…

…make a pan of Pepperoni Rolls, The Fancy-Schmancy Version.

Turning three gallons of yogurt into…

Herbed Yogurt Cheese!
(And then my younger son inhaled a half pound-plus in one go.)

Emergency treat: Defrosting

Grape mead, aka Pyment.

Also: grape wine and grape juice.

He takes floor washing to a whole new (lower) level.

Xero shoes: he and my younger son are both fans.

Ferdinand is no longer a bull.


“I am not a farmer,” he said. And the universe laughed.

Friday night at Silk Moth Stage: Clymer & Kurtz, followed by Wonder of Our Stage.

This same time, years previous: fruit crisp ice cream, cottage cheese, saag (sort of) paneer, the quotidian (9.17.18), the quotidian (9.18.17), black bean and veggie salad, historical fun, in defense of battered kitchen utensils, goodbye summer, hello fall.

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