the quotidian (9.11.23)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

With chunks of cumin-spiced Gouda, grilled chicken, and lime.

We’ve got the crunchy crystals!
A two-year-old Gouda that’s a cross between a Parm and a sharp cheddar.

Before the heatwave: oven-based meal prep.

Natural rind Gruyère: new video coming tomorrow!

Measuring the specific gravity with my hydrometer: this time I’m gonna know the ABV.

The Second (Third?) Annual Family Corn Day.

Transporting an open, uncorked bottle of champagne.

It was a bumper crop . . . until the drought.

He installed an AC unit in the clubhouse.

Occasionally borrowing a friend’s bike: until hers is road legal.

The heat finally broke.
photo credit: my younger daughter

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