tiny beautiful things

Last night was opening night.

photo credit: Tiffany Showalter Photography

There is so much I want to say about this whole experience, but I can’t just yet. It’s too much. So I’ll just leave it at this:

Get your tickets here.*
Bring your friends.

This show includes strong language and adult themes. Please be advised that it is not recommended for children and there may be topics that, while treated compassionately, may be difficult for some members of our community.

*For more about this show (and future ones!), check out the Friendly City Players on Instagram.

This same time, years previous: tiramisu, the quotidian (8.9.21), black pepper tofu and eggplant, gazpacho, riding paso fino, fresh peach pie, tomato bread pudding with caramelized onion and sausage, the quotidian (8.10.15), best banana bread.


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