the quotidian (7.3.23)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

All-the-berries crumble.

Lunchy nibbles.

Because Reese’s don’t have enough peanut butter.

All the flavors, all the textures, all the comfort.


Lunch buddy.

Torn pad.

Cows and baby toes.

Shower demo.

Maryland and NYC — and Carnegie Hall! — bound.

He dwarfs his papa.

This same time, years previous: a walk in the woods, so much milk, fruity whey popsicles, a few fun things, so you’re thinking of homeschooling…, cucumber mint cooler, Vieques!, the quotidian (7.2.17), the summer’s first trip, a bunch of stuff, when the wind blew, berry almond baked oatmeal, linguine with shrimp and cilantro-lime pesto.

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