the quotidian (6.19.23)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

When your kid works at a CSA, you get the BEST treat boxes.

Runny to the core: 12 weeks old.

The perfect post-Ultimate dinner.

Bandage wrapping WORKS!!!

Mead: either go big or go home.


Hazy, from the Canadian wildfires.

Foot splurge.

It’s a Murch spotting!

Puerto Rico bound.

King of the Facebook Marketplace finds.

His goat kidded: Introducing June.

This same time, years previous: currently: a list, all before lunch, the quotidian (6.19.17), magic custard cake, the quotidian (6.19.12), cold-brewed iced tea and cold-brewed iced coffee, strawberry margarita cake.


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