the quotidian (5.1.23)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Berry crisp ice cream: make it for yourself!

A variation on my asapargus and egg fixation: with cheesy grilled chicken gravy over biscuits.

My husband saved cream for me while I was gone.
(The piggies got the milk.)

4.25 pounds

Afternoon treat.

Deepening my scoring.

It could’ve gone even deeper!

Food pantry scraps for the pigs.

Driveway mechanics.

CSA worker.

My mama feeds me.

How many mugs can you hold with one hand?

A good use of plastic.

This same time, years previous: a few good things, an under-the-stairs office nook, transition, the quotidian (5.1.17), life can turn on a dime, coffee crumb cake, baked-in-a-pot artisan bread, take two, green smoothies.


  • Alyssa

    I just stumbled on your blog – and am so envious of all that butter (so yellow! so much of it!). I guess I’ll just resort to making that beautiful-looking ice cream, thanking my past self for putting the canister in the freezer!

  • Nicole

    Hi Jennifer!
    Love your content you’re a great writer. Also, you’ve become my inspiration to making cheese. I follow your videos to a T. They’re easy to follow and UNDERSTAND!!! Beginner cheese making is hard to begin with but you make it super easy . Thank you!! ~Nicole

    • Jennifer Jo

      Oh, wow, Nicole! Thank you! When I started making cheese, I was so overwhelmed, which is part of the reason I started a channel: to help make it more accessible to beginners (which I still am, in the grand scheme of things…)

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