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I recently ordered this salt spray for my hair.

It’s pretty much the same as other curl products, just in spray form instead of cream, and does a right noble job of keeping the frizzes down and the curl in. To use, I liberally spray it on my wet, freshly-washed hair and then scrunch. To refresh for days 2, 3 and on, I wet my hair, give it a good finger combing, pump on a couple spritzes, and scrunch again. (The photo below is a shot of the hair on day two, post refresh).

I was nervous that the salt spray would make my hair clumpy and sticky, and while it does make my hair feel a smidge more crunchy-sticky than my regular curl cream, it’s not enough to keep me from using it. Bonus: it’s only $8, which is considerably cheaper than other curl products. (My older daughter told me some of her friends just use straight up salt water, but I haven’t tried that . . . yet.)


Are any of you watching Shrinking (Apple TV)? Last weekend I settled in for a long binge only to discover that new episodes are released weekly. Oh well. Guess I have something to look forward to now!


After years of hearing people rave about it, I finally bought myself a copy of Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski.

I read the first couple chapters and then ordered three more copies as Valentine’s Day gifts for my three favoritest young women.

I’m only a third of the way through the book but I can already tell it’s gonna be one of those books that sticks with me for life. 


I think Yewande Komolafe might be my favorite cook on the NYT Cooking YouTube channel. She’s so understated and chill — and wicked skilled. I am itching to make her Kouign-Amann (above), and am as impressed by her smooth pronunciation of the cake’s name (which I still can’t wrap my mouth around) as I am by the ease with with she makes it.


My mother sent me the link to this Moth radio episode: The Final Word Is Love. I listened to it by myself, and then again with the rest of the family that evening. It’s a good one, friends. LOVE.


Last month, one of my girlfriends took a solo trip to Fair Isle, the most geographically remote, inhabited island in the United Kingdom, where she rented a studio apartment and lived, shopped, and made art for several weeks. Fortunately for me — for us! — she documented the trip, and I had a blast following along and keeping my family updated on her adventure (and now I know of one young adult who is making plans to follow in her footsteps).

dyeing wool to match the colors of Fair Isle
photo credit: Mavis Butterfield

She’s back home now, but she filed all the Fair Isle posts on a single page on her blog so you can read through them at your leisure — scroll to the bottom of the page and work your way up. (A solo trip has never really appealed to me, but the older I get less firmly unappealing it sounds. In other words . . . maybe? I’m not sure where I’d want to go, though. Do you harbor any secret fantasies of a solo trip to some exotic, farwary land?)


And finally, here’s a little pick-me-up girl power badassery for your weekend. Dance it out! 

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  • kelly

    I showed the picture of your husband reading Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski to my husband. Inspired by yours, my husband is going to read it too.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • pacificamermaid

    Yes…I follow Mavis as well and totally enjoyed her adventure to Fair Isle. I also rug hook…so I look forward to her daily posts of her life. She is so full of energy.
    My daughter and granddaughter both have curly hair, so will pass on your info on the salt spray.

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