the quotidian (12.26.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

All the pretty things.

Conquering mozzarella (for the third time).

He did his job (we think) so we sent him home.

Oh, the weather outside!


Christmas Eve.

O holly bush, O holly bush.

The elves came.

Christmas calzones: eaten standing up around the island (because we’re fancy like that).

Calzone delivery and an ER tour. (He wasn’t lying! He’s actually a nurse!)

Shady selfie.

Darkness and light.

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  • Becky R.

    Oh, the wood! It makes me warmer just looking at that incredible wood shed (although I wouldn’t want to have to stack all of it!). Your Holly tree looks great. That was a very good idea, Jennifer. I am sure the ER staff appreciated the calzones so very much. Kudos to you for providing them. When I was working as a nurse, free food was the very best treat anyone gave us. It provides warmth to the belly and the heart on a busy day.

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