the quotidian (11.28.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Tanking up for a twelve-hour shift in the ER.

Count the rings to determine the number of sip-n-stops it takes
to drink a coffee while working the bake shift.

Goal: find a sweater that’s as silky-soft as a new brie’s p.candidum fuzz.

My latest kick: homemade ramen (these noodles) with bone broth.

Bum cheeses for the pigs.

Dog on a bed on a box.

He got sick of me telling him to bring in wood so he brough it ALL in.

My dang cold benched me.

Thanksgiving, Day One: the midday feast.

Evening pies, games, and conversation.

Thanksgiving, Day Two: French Fry Feast

Top knots and piggie toes.

Thanksgiving, Day Three: woodcutting and a pancake breakfast…

And the people to enjoy it with.

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  • Karen

    YoYo looks nearly as unhappy as his birthday photo.What’s up with that? The Brie is gorgeous! What’s wrong with the cheeses? They all “look” good.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Haha — that’s just his “I’m looking at the camera” face, I guess. (See the bottom photo for a smile.)

      The cheeses were funky-weird/wrong. I aged them a lot longer to see if that would improve the flavor — it didn’t, so I tossed ’em.

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