the quotidian (9.26.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Want to hazard a guess?

This homemade butter is growing on me. I’m pretty much hooked (addicted, possessive, etc).

Grape jelly yet and then I’ll be done.

Parbaking: even thrice-rolled, the bakery pastry scraps are still over-the-top poofy.

Mash ’em down and carry on.

Like so.

A real meal.

The after-dinner kick-back.

Coffee tag-team appreciation.

This Tuesday’s YouTube video: cuajada!

Dishing up the cold sides.

Drying the eggs so they don’t stick to the carton because that (apparently) bothers her.

Playing the role of Benjamin in Alice Parker’s opera “Singers Glen”.

Wordle: some days it’s a struggle.

This same time, years previous: Italian chop salad, what we ate, evening feeding, the quotidian (9.26.16), home cut, on quitting: in which I have a come-to-Jesus moment, the run around, a jiggle on the wild side.


  • Natalie

    Seriously??? Mushrooms? Wow!
    I was so sure this was some birthday cake creation of yours! I thought maybe you were attempting to make a dog or even a silkie chicken. I even zoomed in and was like how did she frost so perfectly lol.
    BTW, for your daughter, marans have a great chocolate colored egg. I have soooo many Muscovy ducks I would love to share with your daughter, but I’m in CA. They don’t need water, they don’t make a sound when they are adults, super calm and don’t fly, thier meat is awesome too, (we roast a few ducks for Thanksgiving), reproduce like crazy, that’s why I would like to give some away. If she’s interested in fun birds, silkies are great but I’m not sure what your climate is like.

  • Thrift at Home

    I almost for a minute thought that first photo was a cake/icing creation.

    We have so much fun with the Wordle in our house!! Very competitive and fun. And will sometimes play other spin-offs or make a wordle for Phoebe. (I got it in 4 today – but TWO yesterday, I was terribly lucky and proud).

  • Shari Walsh

    We have always dried our eggs after washing, for the same reason. They will stick to the carton and break. It’s a weekly chore for the kids – one washes all the eggs for sale, the other dries. With a regular dish towel.

  • Elva

    Usually I either give my extra eggs away or trade them (for homemade bread no less!), but I never wash them. With their natural protective coating, they stay fresh longer without washing. In the rare case where one is a bit dirty, I just keep that one for myself or my dogs.

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