the quotidian (9.12.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Yay Pizza.

Pig food: not all my cheeses are a hit.

Breakfast: sourdough everything bagel, cream cheese, olives.

Lunch: gas station store bread, tomatoes, mayo, S&P.

Fact: white ceramic plates were created for the sole purpose of showing off berry jewels.

And toast was invented so we’d have a place upon which to spread red raspberry jam,
(which is now my husband’s favorite jam, he says).

It took me 15 years, but I’m finally conquoring my fears.

[pounds chest] Watch out, people.

My little raspberry patch friend.
For weeks, Mildred has not moved from her spot.

At the outdoor theater: wine for one, cheese for 2 (plus), olives for the world.

Labor day, with friends.

Winter is coming.

This same time, years previous: the cheesemaking saga continues, Coco, lemony mashed potato salad, the quotidian (9.12.16), what writing a book is like, the good things that happen, making my children jump, whooooooosh.


      • Melinda Armentrout

        The beans are fine if the liquid doesn’t come all of the way to the top, if you followed proper pressure canning timing and weights. Sometimes siphoning occurs if pressure is released too quickly.

      • Karen

        I don’t “know” anything per se, was just taught that the liquid needed to cover the product. Also never pressure canned, so maybe that’s different. Was just asking from curiousity. Listen to Melinda, she sounds much more knowledgeable than me

        • Melinda Armentrout

          Let your pressure canner cool down for at least 2 hours before attempting to release the pressure to remove the lid. While it is tempting to “rush” it, siphoning often occurs.
          I’ve been canning (both water bath and pressure canning) for the better part of my 51 years, first with my grandmother and mother and now I’m onto teaching others. : )

  • Elva

    I call those T-Rex spiders! Every year, I say summer is not complete unless I see a T-Rex spider, a shooting star, and a Monarch caterpillar. All three have been checked off for another year!

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