the quotidian (7.25.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

From my mama: cookies that smile.

Espresso + raw sugar + whole milk + ice = my afternoon delight.

I have plans.

Just one of the many variations.

Blueberries galore, and now I’m wishing I’d picked even more.



Everyday ice cream: I made it on (to?) the big screen!

Our snuffly four-legged garbage disposals: throwing out food has never been so fun.

Ultimate(ly) wet.

He’s yet to perfect the art of packing light.

Siblings: 5/9ths.

Sisters (in law).

Steak feast (with grilled portobellos and gorgonzola, oo-la-la!).

After dinner ramp plans: for the parents.

This same time, years previous: peach pie with bourbon and fresh rosemary, Magpie, Italian meringue buttercream, the best one yet, lemony cream cheese frosting, all practicality, in the kitchen, vegetarian groundnut stew, a riding lesson.


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