the quotidian (6.6.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Not as good as it looks: my husband bought cream cheese-style cheese, which is gross.

That yogurt cream cap is basically clotted cream. Now if I only had a scone….

This smoothie is called “Let’s Clean Out the Fridge.”

And this one’s nectarine banana coconut (I think).

No hands: my butter problem is solved!

Rubbery (too much rennet?) Colby makes for a most excellent melting cheese.

The pigmentation machine glitched.

I spy a problem.

Thank goodness for my cheezer.

Treat yo self.

Wearing it.

Finally sprung for a whole house fan.

Etching lines for easy milk measuring.

Yet another step of the (very involved) mushroom-growing project.

Looks like we have a driveway mechanic.

He let her borrow his car in exchange for a wash.

Lil Peach: Outside.

And in! Note the recessed lighting (under the shelving) of which he’s particularly proud.

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  • Janet

    I think you mentioned in one of your videos that you do not use shortening. Do you skip those recipes or do you substitute butter? How do they turn out? I have not bought shortening in many years but sometimes there are recipes with it that I would like to make.

    Thank you for any info you have.

    I look forward to your posts and videos. Fun and informative.

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