weekend watch, #10

I decided to do a series on making pie crust. Here’s part one.


And the other weekend when I made waffles, I hooked the camera to the hanging lamp to film it.

This will be the last post of the “weekend watch” series — at least for now. I figure that by now y’all know where to look if you want to see the videos, and you probably have gotten a good enough feel for my video posting schedule and content, and you can always click the YouTube tab on my blog header to see the running tally of videos.

But if you haven’t subscribed, feel free! 1K subscribers and then I can monetize, woot! (And don’t worry: subscribers shouldn’t get any irritating alerts unless you choose to turn on the notifications — new videos will just show up when you open your subscriptions tab in YouTube.) Coming soon: videos about calving (!), grocery budgeting and shopping, cheesemaking, parts II and III in the pie series, what we eat in a week, etc.

Thanks for watching, friends, and have a good weekend! xo


  • KC

    Wait, so they’re showing ads on your videos and you’re *not* getting any of that income??! Yikes. How close are you to 1000?

  • Susan Slottow

    I hate to see these go! I don’t do notifications. I’m not tied to my phone. But the email is a gentle notification that something (that I want to see) exists. And I am subscribed! Have been since day dot.

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