weekend watch, #9

Meet the ladies!

Emma’s in the homestretch now. Her bag is bulging, and we’re checking on her at least three times a day. Soon!


Here’s how I tackle it.

Have a good weekend, friends! My husband just signed us up for a free trial of Paramount so we can watch The Lost City for family night movie this weekend, and tomorrow we’re going on a hike with friends. Oh, and I made that berry cobbler I filmed for YouTubed, only this time I used rhubarb and grape puree (mixed with a little brown sugar and some cornstarch) instead of blackberries and it’s so yum. xo!

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  • Elva

    I wish you lived near Upstate NY, as I would love to buy Daisy! She is a great cow. I wish you good luck with Emma. Your husband needs a cow dog to move those cows for him!!!

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