the quotidian (4.18.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Ribbons of sunshine.

Flour tortillas, with einkorn and sourdough.

YOU try pouring a three-gallon bowl of milk into a pitcher.

Meat pie in an einkorn pastry crust.

Ricotta cake: in development.


Old apples, freezer-burned rhubarb, and wine berries makes for one heck of a fruit crisp, FYI.

Home studio.

Honey bee latte, with a touch of sweet whimsey.


The choristers.

She had a solo (well, a duet) and didn’t tell anyone except me.

This same time, years previous: both ends, it takes a village, in the night air, the quotidian (4.18.16), cheesy popcorn, joining the club, fun and fiasco: chapter three, picking us up, it just kind of happened.


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