weekend watch, #5

We’re passionate about our popcorn! Cooked in (lots of) coconut oil, drizzled with (lots of) butter, and seasoned two different ways, it’s our Sunday night supper of choice.

(This particular night, we got a fun little piece of good news, whoop!)


This is my method for using up the food that we put up.

We’re more likely to eat it if we see it!

Have a good weekend, friends! I hope yours includes a huge bowl of buttery popcorn.


  • KC

    The process of maintaining a pantry is fascinating to me, as someone whose parents and one side of grandparents kept a pantry *but* did not do well with rotating it or keeping track of what was in there (it’s hard! especially if you have a fair bit of variety!).

    Q: what do you do with the leftover popped-and-seasoned popcorn?

  • Cheryl

    Congratulations to your son! It’s great to have a nurse in the family!

    Your canning jars and storing process brought back so many memories of growing up. My mom canned every year, tomatoes, peaches, cherries, green beans, pears, etc. and all was stored on shelves in the basement aka cellar. There were seven kids in our family and every day we were dispatched to the cellar to bring up a jar of this or a jar of that…whatever she asked for…mom said we had young legs and could do the running for her.

    The jars of tomatoes, so many jars. The fruits of her canning labor and the results of many, many hours of coming home from school in the fall, picking tomatoes in both gardens,washing them in tubs of cold water and grinding them up…seeds and skin came out one end and the good stuff out the other end. Huge pots of tomatoes on the stove and than ladled into clean jars and sealed. I would give anything to relive just one more day like that…just one more day…working side by side with my mom…I miss her so very much.

    Canning food, to me, shows the love you have for your family.

  • Laurie Lasala-Tuttle

    Congratulations to your son for passing his boards! Both our eldest son and his wife are nurses, a wonderful profession. Loved watching the before & after of movie night, this was great. We also bought lots of the same farm’s popcorn after you mentioned it a few years ago. Very yummy.

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