weekend watch, #1

At this point, the kids are pretty low maintenance (it helps that there’s only two of them), but even so, when we learned they’d be gone on a choir trip for a couple days last week, my husband took Friday off so we could fully appreciate the silence and calm. We putzed around the house, working on our individual projects: he fixed vehicles; I made cheese and wrote. In the evenings, we made popcorn and watched Succession, and one of the mornings, I made a heaping plate of cinnamon raisin toast to go with our coffee.

And if you want to make it for yourself (you do), here’s how:


And here’s Tuesday’s video, in case you missed it:



  • Becky R.

    Oh, that plate of toast calls to me! I just caught up on your videos, so I will have to get going on that bread, but first apple pie. I think I need to add to my earlier comment about your videos by saying that I love to read about how to make things (I am learn primarily by reading), but the visual component is also so helpful. Cooking is visual. And a question for you, Jennifer. Are you still liking your Samsung gas stove? Is the oven gas as well? I hope you and your husband enjoy a lovely, quiet weekend.

  • Marie

    The stillness in a home that has always sung with children’s voices is a new stage in life. They return.
    We return. Yet those days of giggles, smiles, cuts and bruises are now a memory. A good memory.
    Yet a memory they have become.

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