the quotidian (2.7.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

By these two girls, a four-course meal:
1) cream of tomato soup with crackers and cheeses, 2) salad with poppyseed dressing,
3) filet mignon, risotto, and roasted sweet and purple potatoes, and
4) raspberry cream puff pastries, biscotti, and coffee


A mid-winter treat.

From a reader: making my day with a sampler of her favorites.

Stacking up.

Canine adoration.

Evolving sculpture.

After years of searching, and when his truck (aka The Loaded Diaper) was on its last leg: FINALLY.

When they gave me a room to myself, she decided to come with.

Meeting up with friends at Cho Dang Gol in Koreatown.


A Vietnamese place in Chinatown (burp).

Home: my favorite place in the whole wide world.

This same time, years previous: lemon coolers, stack-of-books birthday cake, good morning, lovies, the quotidian (2.6.17), timpano!, what it means, eight, seven, gourmet chocolate bark, dear Mom, the whole lemon.


  • mommychef

    your baby is 16?? happy birthday! but…that just can’t be possible. just no. because they are all still toddlers, yours and mine both. except for the one that got married – i guess one slipped through and grew up. let’s try and keep it to just one though. oh my, i feel old. i’m kidding, this is better but…i still feel old!

  • Elva

    Great sounding four-course meal! And Sixteen!!! Also really great-looking truck! I am also glad to see that your son’s dog turned out to be a successful family member. I remember there was a little tension at the start with your other dog. And you are right…Home is the best!!!!

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