I need new slippers — help!

My slippers are dying. The top of one slipper is separating from the base and the soles of both are bottoming out (ha). But winter is almost over and, reluctant to spend money, I thought I might be able to push through until the fall. Hoping to keep it together — literally — I placed an order for Gorilla tape

And then it occurred to me: winter slippers might be on sale; now might actually be the better, more frugal, time to buy them. However, a quick L.L.Bean search revealed that no, prices weren’t slashed (yet). So this morning my husband taped them back together.

Only one slipper needed to be fixed but, once taped, it felt so much better — it gripped my foot with renewed vigor and silenced my annoying shuffle-walk — that I had him tape the other one to match. 

Problem is, I’m beginning to detect a little stickiness when walking on the kitchen tile and I HATE the feeling of sticky floors. 

So I’ve come full circle: I still need to buy slippers, and now. I assumed I’d spring for another pair of L.L. Beans, but then I read that some people really liked wool slippers. Now that I have (and love) a pair of wool Merinos, I’m considering the splurge. I especially like that wool slippers look like shoes; I think they’d help me feel a little less lounge-y, a little more put-together. (I’m partial to these.)

I’m getting ready to start researching, but thought I’d check in with you first (and maybe save myself some time): Do you have a favorite pair of slippers to recommend? 

My slipper requirements include:
*Durable soles, so I can wear them inside and outside.
*Warm, but not so much that I overheat.
*Long-lasting: with any luck, I’ll be wearing them daily, for years.
*Lightweight (the ones I currently have are a little too clunky).
*Slip-on, but not clogs, so: closed heel, I guess?
*Fur is okay, but I’d rather not look like I’m wearing small mammals on my feet. 

My toes thank you in advance!

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