the quotidian (1.10.22)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

I’m serious.

I tried a new short rib recipe that no one liked. (This one is way better.)

Mmm, butter.

Flash chilling.

Havarti, in its cool water-bath.

Wheying off: it’s a two-person job.

New discovery: this jam from Costco (at Amazon, this).
It’s as good as (better than?) homemade.

White chicken lasagna with homemade pasta
(because I last-minute discovered I didn’t have any).

Toasty toes for the writer in her lonely garret.

photo credit: my younger daughter

Two storms in one week.

This same time, years previous: classic Christmas fruitcake, my new kitchen: pendant lighting, 6.4 magnitude, the Baer family gathering of 2019, boys in beds, the quotidian (1.9.17), our little dustbunnies, sourdough crackers, date nut bread, one year and one day, between two worlds, sticky toffee pudding.


  • Becky R.

    I generally don’t use a recipe for short ribs. Just a mirepoix with olive oil, add garlic cloves to taste at the end of the saute, roll short ribs in flour and brown, put it all in the same pot, add beef stock and red wine and braise. I’m probably leaving something out, but I never follow a recipe.
    Oh, yes, Bonne Maman has been my favorite jam for a long time, but I can get it at all my local grocery stores. Cherry is my favorite.

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