the quotidian (12.6.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Fruit on the bottom: cool idea.

In reality, not so hot: the jelly liquified and curdled the yogurt. (It still tasted fine.)

First thing I pressure cooked.

Latest food crush: homemade ramen.

I heart yogurt cheese.

So I made a bulk batch.

Twenty-four hours later.


By the quart: how he takes his tortilla chips.

When one is a size 14 (15?), running to the store for shoes isn’t an option; duct tape is.

Dress shopping via Facetime.

Sorry, bud. If you want long hair, you gotta deal.

I’ve always said the kids are my minions.

Christmas is coming! Hurry!

This same time, years previous: how we homeschool: Rebecca, Clymer and Kurtz, my sweet beast, the quotidian (12.4.17), the quotidian (12.5.16), oatmeal sandwich bread, in my kitchen: 6:44 p.m., cinnamon raisin bread, holding.


  • KC

    Have you ever read the Tales from Moominvalley story by Tove Jansson in which the Moomins are, for once, awoken from their winter hibernation, and are told by a few passing ultra-busy neighbors that Christmas is coming, and they assume that Christmas is a monster that must be propitiated by the assorted offerings which their neighbors tell them are necessary? I find it amusing (and also a bit heartwarming) every year. HURRY!

    • Jennifer Jo

      I have not heard of that story — it sounds hilarious. AND it reminds me that my younger son just told me that if anyone listened to Christmas songs and DIDN’T know who Santa was, the whole thing would sound super creepy stalkery.

  • Becky R.

    There you go again, just sitting around, NOT! LOL Talk to me about how you do your homemade ramen, if you are inclined. I have been fooling around with that some. Happy Monday!

    • Jennifer Jo

      I was wondering if anyone would point that out! I’m definitely not doing much sitting these days — to everything there is a season, yadda-yadda — but this speed is NOT my norm, for sure.

      I’m hoping to post about the ramen…soon. (All I’m doing is fooling around with it, too.)

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