bedroom confession

Remember that question I posed back in June about what to do with that useless corner in our room? Well, I have a confession. While it was true that for years we didn’t know what to do with that corner, we’d actually already made a decision and acted on it pre-blog post. I know, I know! So dishonest! But I wanted to hear your insights, and there was still the whole room to consider. Maybe someone would offer a solution we hadn’t yet considered and we could incorporate it? Still: misleading. Forgive me, pretty please? 

So let me tell you what we did do: we (er, my husband) tore out the closet.

I suggested this solution when we came back from Puerto Rico, but then it took us the next three years to debate options and then actually do something. Without the closet, the little corner is still useless, but the room feels bigger. Now the window is a part of the room, and the corner is less pinched. And cleaner.

In place of the closet, my husband built a new, much bigger closet directly opposite.

For the first time, we actually have extra hanging space, and he even made shelves for (my) shoes. What extravagance!

I’m particularly fond of the little door knobbies:

The next two projects for the room upgrade are a) some sort of white, free-standing cabinet thingy to replace our dressers (I hate dressers), and b) an under-the-bed frame filled with deep, pull-out drawers for clothes and extra bedding. Once those are in place, then I’ll focus on creating a cozy reading nook with a soft chair and good lighting, and a writing table (though I am rather partial to the current setup…)

Beyond that, I have visions of a dramatically large, unkillable potted plant standing sentry in the empty corner (the aloe plant is temporary), some throw rugs (a sheepskin on the floor by my side of the bed, perhaps?), flowy curtains, a mirror somewhere, and art for the walls. Oh, and viney plants and twinkle lights [insert the Husband Eyeroll] atop the closet. The vibe I’m going for is sparse, spacious, white, calm, airy, but we’ll see. Might take us another decade or so….

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