the quotidian (9.13.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

With yogurt instead of buttermilk, and whole wheat and barley.

The daily haul: between two and three gallons.

Cotswold: with heavy cream, dried onion flakes, granulated garlic, and dried chives.

And 24 hours later: fresh out of the press.

Our water softener is out of commission: it’s hard.

Efficiency trick: leave the drawers open while cooking.
(It drives my husband bonkers.)

I love my washing machine.

Sun stripes.

Listening to Lord of the Flies while swinging on a swing he built.

Science lesson: if you focus real hard, chairs levitate.

Family hike.

This same time, years previous: Coco, the brothers buzz, lemony mashed potato salad, the quotidian (9.12.16), playing catch-up, the good things that happen, cinnamon sugar breadsticks.


  • Marilyn

    If you put a splash of vinegar in your canner, your jars will come out sparkling at the end of the process time. I don’t know where I came across that info but it sure does work! I enjoy your blog and family adventures. Thanks. Marilyn in SW MO

  • Becky R.

    I do the same thing! It if much more efficient if you leave everything handy when you are cooking, then do a one-time clean up, closing drawers and putting things up at the end. My husband does not complain because he is accustomed to my general slovenly ways when it comes to messes. I keep a clean house, but boy is it messy! Your cheese looks divine!

  • Thrift at Home

    My husband erases my efficiency by CLOSING all the doors and drawers! Ugh. But I am always walking through the house flipping off lights and he is like, why is the room I left for 1 second dark now?!

    But also what is going on with that chair? And I like the improvised sunshade.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Well, I leave the lights on AND my shoes in the middle of the floor and all of it drives my husband absolutely batty.

      For some as-yet-undisclosed reason, my mother keeps her outdoor chairs dangling from the carport posts.

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