the quotidian (8.9.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Mozzarella: Ta-da!

Note to self: add mozzarella at the last minute; too long in the vinegar and it develops the texture of car tire.

Fried farmers.

Self serve: the kid dished himself some vegetables.

Homemade layers: all the way, baby!

Artificial: because I’m no purist.

In the bakery this week: nectarine blueberry crumble.

Mystery photo: you title it.

Nice idea but no fans here.


Big Little Bro.

Growing is so exhausting: poor guy struggles to stay vertical.

Word play. (Related: our latest read-aloud.)


Production line.

Dishing up.

Company: the afterglow.

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  • andrea (aka mommychef)

    ahhh you read Word Nerd! Perhaps because it was my suggestion in an earlier post? (I’m so vain…) but isn’t it fantastic? Enjoying your posts as always…thank you for the peek into your world!

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