the quotidian (7.26.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Running again!

About my chocolate chip cookies, I am particular: thin, soft, chewy.
Additional pb candies a bonus.

That’s a really long time to wait until I find out if it’s any good.

To eat with zucchini and lots of butter.

How many eggs is that? Four? Six? I think the diner staff is messing with me. (I ate them all.)

Bakery baby.

Snapping the photo right next to him so you can feel how much taller he is than me.

Emptying the drainer one final time before a week at camp: in his new (size FOURTEEN) boots.

Sporting a new, black-rings-around-the-eyes look.

My husband: Parallelolambs!

Look who’s relocating to Massachusetts! (But even before that, to the front seat.)

The night kitchen.
photo credit: my husband

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