the quotidian (5.31.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Strawberry shortcakes, elevated. (My younger son calls them “cacks.” Get it?)

My older son ran the ten miles from town to our place, so I fed him.

The basement shelves are getting barer by the day.

Supper! All the berries, biscuits, and milk a boy could eat.

The dairyman, restocking.

For Mother’s Day, he took me for a ride.

The house got a bath.



At an outdoor concert: one-upping Zacchaeus.

The post-show show: dance moves, take two.

This same time, years previous: gluten-free bread, period, facts, the quotidian (5.29.17), the quotidian (5.30.16), an evening together, in her element, the race we saw, showtime!, down to the river to chill, barbecued pork ribs.

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