the quotidian (4.12.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


My son does yard work for a family that has loads of flower gardens.

I sent my daughter a little housewarming gift.
(If you don’t get the reference, watch this.)

She started back at the produce farm: salads!!!

Frosted: someone left the freezer drawer ajar, oops.

Milk and graham crackers, and The Hobbit.

Making do.

Iced coffee on the rail.

Still waiting….
(We had the due date wrong; new date is in about a week.)

This same time, years previous: god will still love you, making space, beginner’s bread, the quotidian (4.11.16), when popcorn won’t pop, Mr. Tiny, deviled eggs, on fire, in all seriousness.

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