the milking parlor

In anticipation of Daisy’s due date — we’re about two weeks out now — my younger son has transformed our little shed into a milking parlor. 

“Milking parlor” is, admittedly, a bit high falutin for the reality, but considering that we had nothing before, I think the new digs are pretty darn posh. 

Now the shed has shelves mounted on the wall, and a milking stall: there’s a “door” to close her in (she fits, but just) and an open spot along the side for easy milk bar access.

There’s even light!

In his words (mostly): I bought a charge controller for 32 dollars. Then I hooked a car battery up to the charge controller and bought two LED, 12-volt lightbulbs which I hooked up to the charge controller and the light switch. I used the wires from Christmas tree lights to hook the charge controller up to the lightbulbs. Now I need to get a solar panel that can produce 20 volts and a few amps of power so that it can plug into the charge controller to charge the car battery.

He keeps badgering my husband to take him shopping — rattling on about filters, iodine, lanolin, and stainless steel buckets — and he’s slowly working on digging a trench to get water to the shed.

He’s also been practicing with Daisy to get her comfortable walking into the stall and then backing out of it. As long as he has grain, she’s pretty good with following him wherever.

Soon, if everything goes well, we’ll be swimming in fresh milk.

I’m beginning to get excited.

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  • marie

    I am over-the-top in love with your son! His inventions are just like improvements my brothers and I made while growing up. We would gather, build and create all day and long into the night. The remainder of the evening evaporated into unstoppable brainstorming. Arguing and broken pencils gave way to laughter. My oldest brother would share his stash of Bazooka bubble gum while I was assigned the pounding of nails. I installed overhead wiring on poles until our mom brought that idea to a screeching halt. (But look mom, “That’s how the city does it”) Then we too dug the trench for the wiring, We had sleepovers in our creations before they were turned over to the animals as their new homes. This truly is what life is all about! Overcoming obstacles, creating new spaces in our lives and filling them with hope, beauty and inspiration. ‘

    Well done mom and dad. Creativity and curiosity must be nurtured. Congratulations.

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