the quotidian (3.8.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Joy: when I score the diner’s biscuit scraps.

Not every meal I make is beloved by everyone. Not that that stops me…


Tip: when making carrot cake, stir orange marmalade into the cream cheese frosting.

“Pushing the leftovers” is my other part-time job.

Some days it feels like a sport almost.

The world’s smallest egg: a no-yolker.

According to our church’s newsletter, my daughter’s birthday is not applicable.

We celebrated anyway.

The feast.

The cake of her choosing: a cheeky wee bakery cake.

Not sure what it is, but he built it.

The vet visit wiped him out.

Ironing out the holes in the yard.

Pandemic Science: open doors, masks, and physically distanced.

If you want the grill to get fixed, just announce you’d love to grill some steaks if only the grill worked, and then sit back and watch the magic.

A crisp, breezy afternoon with dear friends: the remains.

This same time, years previous: roasted sweet potato salad, a few good things, one-pan roast sausages with vegetables, the quotidian (3.6.17), the singing bowl, by the skin of my gritted teeth, wintry days, oatcakes, just me and the boys.


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