the quotidian (2.15.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

The boy eats.

Extras from the bakery: bag of gold. Which I used to make….

Baked French toast studded with jammy blueberries for our V-Day breakfast.

Look what I found! At the local grocery! For three-something!

Care package for the far-away wean.
(“Wean,” thanks to my current Scottish read.)

And quiche Lorraine for the boy and his mates.

Wind break.

He loved this.

Behind the sofa: impeachment.

Choir auditions.

Studying for a pediatrics exam and lecturing me about the dental hygiene of infants.

Big-ass snowman.

Sorry-ass snowman.

Change of scenary (and some sunshine!): lunch and reading at the GP’s.

Because the rest of the time, it’s this.

This same time, years previous: kitchen sink cookies, the quotidian (2.13.17), the quotidian (2.15.16), it gets better, chocolate pudding, how we do things, sweet, the outrageous incident of the Sunday boots.


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