the quotidian (1.18.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Working lunch: chorizo, egg, and warm tortillas.

Crostata test: rhubarb and red raspberry.

Sunday dinner door-drop from my mama: incredible chicken with dried prunes and olives.

The steers have relocated.

David Copperfield and dishes.

Girl’s got flair!

All the time: talking, arguing, and thinking, and in that order.

In town with a friend, a walk-by sighting of my husband’s work.


Dogsitting: killing us with cuteness.

That’s not how you wear a mask, son.

Sunday geography lesson, and my new rug.

This same time, years previous: pozole, no-knead sourdough bread, doing stupid safely, homemade grainy mustard, the quotidian (1.18.16), just do it, cream cheese dip, day one, polenta and greens, snapshots and captions, Julia’s chocolate almond cake.


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