the quotidian (1.4.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


When Christmas veers towards Halloween.

A two mugger: because he didn’t want to have to get up for a refill.

They picked each other’s clothes and then graced Magpie with their presence.

Bakery love note.

The day before Christmas.

Christmas Day.


Dreamer schemer.

Ze artists.

Snuggle bug.

Thanks for the suggestions!

It’s like she thinks she’s in Alaska or something.

photo credit: my younger daughter

Happy New Year!

This same time, years previous: my new kitchen: the computer corner, Lebanese dried lemon tea, high-stakes hiking, Christmas cheese, five-grain porridge with apples, constant motion, cranberry crumble bars, cranberry sauce, loose ends, sausage lentil soup.


  • melodiemillerdavis

    I love the fence & ice photo by your younger daughter. And the one of your older daughter with parka hood: like a Scandinavian beauty, for sure. You youngest son is bound to be an engineer or inventor. And I see that your oldest fella (and friends) is still up to craziness. I’ll never forget how he slid after our dog–barely escaping some dog piles–the first time the kids came over to see about taking care of Velvet. Happy New Year to the folks down the road.

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