the quotidian (11.30.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Pretzel rolls, made with poison.

Safety precautions: the only casualties were two aluminum baking sheets, oops.

Grilled, gooey goodness.

Rumming the fruitcakes.

Sushi! On Mondays when Magpie is closed, the owner treats us to takeout.

Magpie’s newest part-time dishwasher.

A (stinky) reading nook.

We found toilet paper!


My husband’s mowing technique.

This same time, years previous: Thanksgiving of 2018, Chattanooga Thanksgiving of 2017, Chattanooga Thanksgiving of 2016, Chattanooga Thanksgiving of 2015, pot of red beans, butternut squash pesto cheesecake, all a-flutter, apple chutney.

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