the quotidian (9.21.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 

A working breakfast: my husband says I’m spoiled.

Confirmed: it’s a strong starter!

Krispy Kremes, dived.


My younger son attempted to repurpose a few in a Dutch Puff. . . and failed. Way too sweet. 

Bringing home the bacon. Or the watermelon, as it were. 

Two breasts!

Her school commute. 

Mac Pack

Labor Day Weekend, COVID Edition.

Homemade light powered by a solar-panel and car battery. 

Kitchen window turned COVID confessional (haha). 

Now that he’s got 4-ply masks from his clinicals, he occasionally graces us with his presence indoors.

Last Sunday of summer: Hello, Fall!

Another day, another sunset.

photo credit: my younger son

This same time, years previous: family night, bottle calves, cast iron skillet steak, black bean and veggie salad, stop and sink, in defense of battered kitchen utensils, baking with teachers.


  • Anonymous

    Hi. I don't know you, but am a long-time reader. My family and now friends always make your lemon lentil recipe. If you younger son is interested in electricity, maybe he should look into a career or shadow someone who works in water and/or wastewater SCADA. There are not enough skilled technicians, and you can go the certification route instead of a traditional four year college. The employer would even pay for the certs and classes. All the best to you! BLM!

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