the quotidian (8.10.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Kachumber, aka the drink with the name that sounds like a sneeze. 

Purchased: because ours are for the birds (insects, chickens, worms, whatever).

To skillet fry with oregano, feta, and tomatoes.

Salsa making with a side of Schitt’s Creek.

Another day, another load.

Soft shelled.
photo credit: my younger son

The polar bear my older son is dogsitting.

I accidentally (and literally) composted my cell phone. 

In hopes of cutting down on the ant problem. 

Sourdough: most goes to the diner, but we usually have two or three loaves for sale first thing.
photo credit: Baker Rachel


    • Katie Wolpert

      I feel like I learned this from you years before but maybe it was a different source. When they get bad, I wipe the counters with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Supposedly it cleans off the pheromone trails they leave when they travel a route. I have to kinda keep after it this time of the year and it doesn't entirely get rid of the problem but it definitely helps keep down traffic!

    • Jennifer Jo

      Katie, I don't think that was me, but I'm going to try it. At least for our counters. We find the ants swarming outside, or on the floor, though, so in order to stop that, I'd probably have to baptize the entire house in white vinegar….

    • Katie

      Yea, there's spots I definitely don't bother with, but it is nice to not have them swarming over the counter tops. They are good motivation for me to keep the kitchen a little cleaner than I might this busy time of the year!

  • dr perfection

    Every year I had a March of the Ants and then I got Loosie and Linkin. They pounce on any thing that moves. I have not seen one ant since!

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