the quotidian (7.20.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Things don’t always go according to plan.

When Puerto Ricans cook.

 Chicken and waffles: it really is a good combo.

A friend had a birthday! 

Pickle time!
19 going on 5.

I made her make her own cake (because wedding).

Gift hungry.

We like pretzels.

When you catch the Krispy Kreme guy tossing out a truckload of donuts and convince him to share.

The day before the wedding, the washing machine broke, of course.
Also, I threw my camera lens on the floor and shattered it. 

A day’s start. 

This book is making him mad, he says.

93 degrees outside and 92 degrees inside but still doesn’t feel as bad as Puerto Rico.

This same time, years previous: Italian meringue buttercream, sweet sixteen, lemony cream cheese frosting, in the kitchen, the quotidian (7.20.15), this new season, roasted beet salad with cumin and mint, whole wheat zucchini bread.


  • jim bishop

    Jennifer & Co: Didja see my column in Saturday's paper about the major adjustments in the works for this year's Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale? Most of the popular food items will likely be sold on drive-thru basis. Am wondering whether your bodacious donuts will even be on the bill of fare . . . sure hope so . . . may be too early for "the hour of decision." – jim b.

    • Jennifer Jo

      No, I didn't see your article, but I knew that was the way things were heading. No one has talked to us about the doughnuts just yet, but we doubt it will be feasible….

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