the quotidian (6.29.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

The morning after my mother’s driveby berry drop-off. 

I simply had to have a taste. 

Regular and fancy, with cardemom, marzipan, and pearl sugar, on the right.

Olive loaf that the webs raved about: meh.

Sweets, from a local orchard.

Pitter stains.

Summer suppers = an exercise in finding creative ways to deal with the produce tsunami.

No rhyme or reason: overproofed bread, OB tampons, alegra textbook, etc. 
Sours, from our trees.

I was sick of his grungy shirt so I ripped it. Then he finished it off. 


Baby robins in a pear tree.
photo credit: my younger son

The campers prepare.

Practicing for a very special event: stay tuned!

This same time, years previous: burnt cheesecake, teen club takes Puerto Rico, roasted zucchini parmesan, twist and shout, better iced coffee, in recovery, blueberry pie, dark chocolate zucchini cake, a break in the clouds.


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