the quotidian (4.27.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace





(Enough with the single word captions.)
Fat cakes.

Angel food by my daughter; rhubarb-strawberry compote (and whipped cream) by me. 


Standing desk, hacked.


While we were listening.

You can run but you can’t hide!

Key drop, best out of three: when they both want to drive.

Study break.

A bunch of radiliciousness.


A new radiator.

Rise up!

This same time, years previous: that fuzzy space, the quotidian (4.24.17), an ordinary break, life can turn on a dime, taking off, Sally Fallon’s pancakes, mango banana helados, cauliflower potato soup, drama trauma.


  • Mike and Sherry

    Amazing garden! I didn't realize you tended a space that large, and I'm sure what we see in picture is only part of it. ~Sherry

    • Jennifer Jo

      That's not OUR garden — it's at the produce farm where my daughter works. In the photo, I was picking her up from work, and she'd just picked me some fresh radishes.

    • Jennifer Jo

      No recipe, but here's what I did:

      I used the leftover sauce from the soy-braised ribs I'd made, plus the leftover shredded rib meat. Gluten-free ramen noodles from Costco. Put some noodles and meat in a bowl. Added some raw, thinly-chopped Chinese cabbage and grated carrot. Hot broth. Boiled egg. Cilantro and green onion. Hot sauce and sesame oil. Fresh lime (not pictured).

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