the quotidian (3.23.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Quick thaw.

Green rice: a good idea needs more salt and maybe a hit of lemon.


When the crust is so packed with butter that it pools on the oven floor, oops. 

And then I got smart: no drips and a perfectly browned bottom crust. 

How did I ever manage without this island?

The trail I leave.

Churching with Ted and breakfast.


A cyclical breathing demonstration.

Beer tasting: when your houseguest has a passion and wants to share it.

A new job for gardener girl: season’s bounty
Who let the cows out, moo.

Preparing to run errands.

Blowing off steam.

Perks of zooming.
She’s quite fond of her two-leggeds.

Family gathering.

Coffee drinker. 


  • beckster

    OK, putting that pie in a cast iron skillet was genius. I may have to try that. And my mess is always huge in the kitchen; more horizontal surfaces, more mess, but that island is perfection! As my husband says of my kitchen, "it's a very active lab" – LOL! You and yours stay safe!

  • Unknown

    I am jealous of that island in ways that defy description. Also, my kids loved Jonathan wrestling the cow for church yesterday.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but that may have been the first time a live cow's made it to one of our services…. (Also, we sent in two versions of the scripture: a regular one and then one of us just messing around. And wouldn't you know….!)

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